Regenerate via the PloggingParty

The PloggingParty is a Regenerative activity that distributes the effort of cleaning up across ALL stakeholders, including businesses.

About The Plogging Party Clean-Up Model

An Open Model, to Run Your Own

The #PloggingParty is an Open Business Model that belongs to no one. It is aimed to be a sustainable and regenerative system to encourage everyone to to run clean ups in their own neighbourhoods, forests, lakes, parks. 

Why is it Needed?

Why will this particular model help tackle the ONLY challenge that affects ALL races, genders, and even species?

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Fosters Regenerative Thinking

Because it is too late to JUST be sustainable

The world needed to be "sustainable" 50 years ago. In 2018, we need to all collectively "Regenerate".

Destroys The Stigma of Engaging With Waste, especially in INDIA

Because handling even your own waste is looked down upon.

This model tackles  this uniquely-Indian sociological restriction in the most fun and effective way.

Close the Gap between Awareness & Action

Because everyone is aware, we all just don't "act"

The Culture of Convenience has widened the gap between awareness and action.

How is it Different from a regular Clean Up Model?

Why will this particular model help tackle the ONLY challenge that affects ALL races, genders, species?

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It Distributes the Load

Business, Citizens, NGOs, Institutions can ALL participate

It is a Party!

Celebration is key

Sponsors Get Marketing Material

The clean up model is a great on-ground activation

PloggingParty Events Across India

New Delhi

10 Clean Ups

10 Playgrounds

1200 Children and Volunteers

400+ Bags

Sponsored by Hero Motor Corp

Powered by Magic Bus


TV, Print, Web and International Press Coverage

3 Videos, and Dozens and graphics



2 Lakes

5 Clean Ups

50+ Volunteers

50+ Bags

Sponsors included Campmonk, Gorilla Barfare, ModernMedia


Press Coverage 



32 People

1 Full Truck

Sponsored by Hopscotch, 180 McIver, De Rock Jungle Living, Yatra Travels, Clean Coonor


Press Coverage in 3 Newspapers

Customized pre-event promo posters for all sponsors

Promo Poster

Post event Video



19 Volunteers

Sponsored by Holiday Inn and The Donnington Bakehouse


Print Coverage in 2 Newspapers

Post event Video

Customized promos for all sponsors

Event Poster

Get Involved

There is literally a role for absolutely everyone. Software Engineers, Artists, Business People, Rich, Poor, middle-class, young, old, differently abled, there is something absolutely everyone can do.

PloggingParty Mktg Material.jpg

Run a Plogging Party Yourself

We will help you run this yourself, in your own neighbourhood. 
Stay cash flow positive, because you shouldn't have to lose money doing this

Join Us For A Plog

Come Clean Up With Us for 2 hours, and then party together after that.
Or we could bring it to your colony, school, college, office or NGO.

Spread The Word

We need graphic design, filmmaking, PR, and social media shares, because the message is more important than the volume of litter collected, in the early stages.

Sponsor a Plogging Party

Sponsor! Don't donate. Sponsor an event (minimum of Rs 150 per volunteer), and get marketing material in exchange.

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